Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

Today is the perfect excuse to bake something! Cookies, muffins, cakes, cupcakes… Etc. why? Because it’s chocolate chip day! So get out those baking pans and enjoy the deliciousness!



First time trail mix

This is the first time I made my very own trail mix! I have to say that it is the best I have tasted. ( I think it’s because I customized it to my liking) have you ever bought trail mix and asked yourself ” why is this in here?” And ending up throwing what you don’t like away or give it to some one who does like it? Not a problem here. Put what you like and leave out what you don’t.

For mine I put:

One can of lightly salted planters mixed nuts

1 bag of dried cherries


1 bag of crunch chocolate pieces

Panera Bread

I love this place! I love the food they serve, what they stand for ( giving their leftovers to soup kitchens and homeless shelters, everything is fresh tasting, they have a loyalty card ( sometimes you get free food), and their pick 2 menu options! They are wonderful! Im in love with their bakers items! I can get pastries that I don’t normally see anywhere else.

Stop on by and give it a try!