Brookside Chocolates

Our customers deserve the best. This has been our mission and mantra for over 50 years. That is why we thoughtfully select ingredients to create intriguing and indulgent taste and texture combinations.

BROOKSIDE Farms began in 1954 in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley. This is a scenic, rural agriculture area with rolling sun-soaked hills, snowcapped mountains and lush green forests. In the late 1960’s BROOKSIDE began to evolve into a confectionery company when opportunities arose for fruit-flavored and nut products.

Over the next several years BROOKSIDE worked to develop the finest recipes. We developed our own chocolate formulations using old world traditions. BROOKSIDE developed the patented technology to create soft sweetened centers dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

They have three flavors in your local grocery store!


I got this from brookside a site.


Acai Crazy!

I am in love with this chocolate covered deliciousness. At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect when getting it. But it is little balls of gelatin with the berry juice inside an it seems to be dipped at least 3 times in chili late because there is a lot of chocolate surrounding it. I love to buy other chocolate covered stuff like raisins and peanuts and do a mix. I will eat it while watching Netflix or reading a book.


I was tricked

When coming upon this at the store I genuinely thought that this would be a yummy product… I was wrong. It looks and tastes Nothing like what the picture on the suggests. I couldn’t even get past the flavoring. Sadly this has to go on the list of shameful eats! 😢



LOOKA Patisserie is a retail division of the French Patisserie and offers retail customers an upscale, gourmet alternative to current desserts in the freezer. The LOOKA Patisserie line may be purchased in retail supermarkets in the grocery freezer. Based on 20 years of knowledge of the dessert category we have developed a line of desserts under LOOKA Patisserie that consumers are sure to love. They are made in the same fashion as our Food Service line using only the highest quality ingredients. Our package design offers a point of differentiation consumers are sure to remember – and the products are delicious!

The French Patisserie’s and Looka Patisserie desserts are created by Frank Spasic, who was raised in Paris, France where he came to appreciate the finest French cuisine. After training at the Ferrandi in Paris to become a chef, Frank gravitated towards being a patissier. During a trip to California, Frank was inspired to bring his dessert concepts to the Bay Area, moved here permanently, and founded The French Patisserie.

Along with Frank’s wife Marta, a native Californian who spent several years in France and attended La Sorbonne and L’Institut Des Sciences Politiques, Frank combines his background, training, and love of the finest cooking to develop these outstanding desserts.…
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